Spring 2022!

Wow! Writing that date just gave me a flashback to 2018 when we began to make plans for our CSA. Although we officially began in the Spring of 2019, realizing how far we’ve come has me very grateful for what we have accomplished over the years.

Bringing something brand new to a community was no easy task, but we prayed and pushed our way through it. Today we’re happy to say that we have many original members and we accept new ones each season.

This Spring our CSA begins on April 4th which means that planting began you guessed it, in the Winter months. We usually start the season in April and we’ve found that, this works well with the climate, our members, and on the farm as well.

When you join, you help support the clean food movement and keep our family doing what we have come to love. So we are happy to welcome you.

If you’re wondering what all goes into a CSA, I’m here to tell you the answer is a lot of hard work. Oh you meant vegetables? Well you can find the Spring lineup here.

If you’ve read through our site and have questions, use our contact page.

Ready to purchase? Just click on this link and you can choose your hunger level.

We hope to see you in April and thank for choosing not just local, but our family farm too!

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