Fall Preparation!

As this year flies by and more inquires come in, we’ve decided that a seasonal blog is a great way to keep all of you interested ones updated on all things CSA. So here we are trying something new…..

Holding a CSA in the Fall means that the work has to begin in the heat of Summer. If you’re not local to the South you can’t really understand just what is meant by the word “heat.”

It is extremely humid here. Our Summers are like someone constantly breathing their hot breath on you. Did you get an immediate picture of what that feels like? Hot, sticky, sweaty, yuck. Plus this year the rainy season has fallen right in the middle of the Summer.

Over the years, we’ve learned to do most things on the farm either early in the day or late in the evening, but our preference is early. Why? Well the mornings are absolutely beautiful and although we have to fight with the gnats, we don’t have to fight with the gnats AND the mosquitoes.

If you’ve read our “About Page”, you know that we grow from seed and this can be a little tricky because many of the plants that are seeded are the type that love cooler temperatures. We can’t tell you all of secrets, but we will tell you that planting for the Fall in the dead heat of Summer has been a labor of love. Through prayer along with much trial and error, each delivery is a success. We encourage you to check out our Gallery to see what items our members have enjoyed in past seasons.

As the start of the Fall season edges closer, the work will increase. There are new rows to make, beds to amend, and transplants to fill them up. It’s almost like we’re building a new farm. It’s a job that we love and although it is hard work, the benefits far outweigh all of it.

By the time this blog is finished, Fall season will be closed for new members, but there will be plenty of fresh produce to go around so be on the lookout for Seasonal Farm Baskets and maybe even a “Try It” season as well.

If you haven’t followed us on Facebook or Instagram yet, what are you waiting for? We want you to stay in the know and that way you won’t miss out on any updates.

Thanks for checking us out and if you enjoyed this blog, please let us know.

Until next time…..

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