As a CSA Farm, we want to make sure to address any anxieties or concerns that our members or potential members may have surrounding this virus that has shaken up the world. First our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the many that have and continue to lose their loved ones.

Our CSA model consists of two farm families and we want you to know that we are extremely protective of our families and those of our members. Both farms already have very high standards for cleanliness and sanitation, but we are even more cautious now.

On a normal basis, we all keep hand sanitizer in our vehicles and keep our hands washed regularly. If we are sick, we don’t and will not handle anything that is to be delivered to our members. Instead a plan has been put in place where the second farm family will care for and harvest whatever is needed until they’re well.

Additionally, we have decided not to use baskets this season. This way should anyone of our members become sick, we are able to prevent the spreading of it.

You will find that all food will be packaged and closed. So our members have been asked to leave out a cooler in order to protect their produce.

Please don’t be surprised if you see us with masks and gloves. We are only trying to protect you, ourselves, and our families.

We are committed to practicing social distancing and while we will be available to answer questions and support our community, this will be done through email, phone, or text messaging. Our deliveries will be quick!

This is our plan as of today as we don’t know what the future holds. Our hope is that we are able to move forward and have a wonderful eight weeks of immunity building and vitamin packed deliveries. We just want you to know that we are committed to doing what we can.

As always, we thank you for supporting your local farmers and the only CSA farm in the Wiregrass.

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