COVID-19 Update

Kith and Kin CSA was started to meet the overwhelming need the community has for fresh chemical free food. Now more than ever, we see this need has grown exponentially as so many are scrambling to have what is needed for their families.

To say that this virus has complicated things is and understatement! With grocery stores being out of many items and putting limits on others, we understand why so many have contacted us inquiring about joining.

There is definitely an overwhelming need for local food, but as much as we would love to accommodate everyone, we just can’t.

Typically CSA models have pick up sites. Ours is different because from day one we have offered delivery. CDC guidelines advise everyone to practice social distancing. We’re happy, thankful, and proud that our delivery is contactless. In fact, we have even eliminated the use of baskets this season as to not spread this disease or any others.

Our families have had many prayers and countless conversations about if we can open up Kith and Kin to more families during this time of need. We spent this past weekend screening those who have contacted us to see if we’re able to provide for them. Some we could not, but others we could and they are now a part of our Kith and Kin family.

Now that they have joined, we are opening up a very LIMITED number of shares through our site. They will be first come, first serve basis and will only be offered for a short period of time.

Doing this will by no means have any impact on our current members because thankfully both farms have over planted in order to be able to accommodate the general public.

In addition we hope to be able to offer what produce we have an excess of weekly. This is a hope, not a guarantee! If you’re in need, we ask that you follow our Facebook Page to see what we have available. Please note that pricing will not be the same, but we hope to be able to reach more families in need.

This virus is serious and while as farm families, we have a sense of duty to our community, above and beyond that we have to make sure that we are all safe!

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