Fall Season is Starting!

As we begin our Fall season, we are super excited to get this show on the road! As farmers, we love what we do, but this year has thrown us a curveball or SEVEN! Even still, we’re always thankful with each passing week of successful deliveries.

Since the COVD-19 pandemic is still very much a threat, we will be continuing to social distance this season as well. You will find that we will wearing our masks and we have also decided not to use baskets to ensure there is no spread of any communicable diseases. We want to be sure to keep ourselves and our members safe!

We miss interacting with them, but we are grateful to have our members only Facebook group. Who knew when we set out to create a space where everyone could learn and share, this would become our primary way of interacting with everyone? It’s just crazy when we think about it, but it makes us all the more happy that we have it. Each week we learn a bit more about our members. Plus we love being surprised and delighted at the creations they come up with!

One special thing we like to do before deliveries is give our members a hint of what’s included in their share for the upcoming week. Today we’re also sharing with you.

This beautiful variety of spicy peppers are just one of the items our members will be enjoying in their first week of deliveries.

In the coming months our members will enjoy so much more produce that is grown right here in their own community and we are proud to grow it. If you’ve been looking for a way to support local farmers, we would love to have you join our Kith & Kin family.

Spring Season will be here before we know it and our membership will be open soon. To be notified of when this happens, “get in touch,” here. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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